We at Dive South, take your personal data privacy seriously. We are committed to maintaining your trust and confidence in us when you visit our website or communicate with us as a company. We do not sell your information to anyone else, and will only hold on to your personal information with your permission.



When you contact us by email, we will have a copy of your email address, along with any information contained therein. We retain this information in order that we can recall details about you, anything that we have discussed, what interests you and how we can help you with further courses/trips, etc. We do not share your information with others. You have the right to have conversations deleted from our archive, along with your email address.  If you wish to be removed please let us know.

If we talk on the phone, we may ask you for personal information, depending upon what we are discussing. You have the right to refuse to give any information, but please be aware that this may affect the way in which we can help you. If we need to document anything, we will let you know. The information you give us over the phone may be shared with other professionals working for Dive South, PADI (the Professional Association of Diving Instructors) , or RAID  (the Rebreather Assocaition of International Divers), where relevant. We do not share information with other people or companies without your permission (e.g. speaking with another company on your behalf)

As a student learns with us, it is necessary to record their progression. This is done on their Student Record File. We are becoming more and more digitally based in this respect, but the paper contents of this file are kept securely by Dive South under lock and key, and we may share this information with RAID or PADI in order to complete your certification or discuss training needs. We do not share this information with anybody else.  If you wish to have your paper student record file anonymised, we can redact it for you, leaving only the course related information (e.g. Skills and theory signed off) but not contact information. Instead of the contact information, we will use a reference number which we can give to you for future use, if required.

The digital files that we keep, once completed, are stored on RAIDs or PADIs secure server, and a local copy may be kept at Dive South for convenience. Again, if you wish your information to be removed, we can do this, but it will affect our ability to help you in the future.



When you browse our website, we use a service called Google Analytics, to collect standard internet log information, along with visitor behaviour patterns. We use the information this provides for ourselves, to help us understand how our site is used and what is working or not working for us. The information gathered is done in a way that does not identify you and any record of the IP address you use to visit our site is anonymised before reaching us. Neither Google nor Dive South make any attempt to find out the identities of those visiting our website. We do not share any information that is collected with other companies, services or people.



This site contains links to Facebook and Instagram, which will take you to pages that are covered by their own privacy policies. No information from our website is shared with social media platforms.

Facebook and Instagram may also place cookies on your machine when you access their site. Please read their privacy policies to ensure that you’re comfortable with the manner in which they use cookies. Our site also uses cookies to improve user experience and site navigation, but we do not record any personal information.



From time to time, we may take videos or images of the things we are doing. We will not publish an image or video without the consent of those featured (and their parent/guardian if needed.) The videos or images will be used by Dive South for promotional purposes only, and may include posting on our website, Facebook or Instagram pages. We will not use your image for any other purpose (e.g. flyers or posters) without your prior permission. Again, if you would like images or video footage of yourself removed, please ask us.



You have the right to view, change, or delete your personal data held by us. To do so, please feel free to email us at or call us on 01202 268141 and we will be happy to help.



We review this policy annually, or sooner if required. We last reviewed this policy on 19/06/19. If you feel there is something missing in its contents, please feel free to let us know.