Lisa, Rich and Dave are simply lovely people, they teach in a patient manner with total confidence and knowledge that immediately puts you at ease and know you are in good hands. They helped me and my buddy Shaun pass our Open Water with ease and have a total blast whilst doing it. Dive South LOVE diving and will make you love diving with them – can’t wait do more and more with them.


The weekend was absolutely brilliant, we enjoyed every minute of it and have spent the day talking about it and viewing pics on Facebook. I was still buzzing so did not sleep much, oh well.

May I take this opportunity to thank yourself, Lisa and Dave for a really enjoyable and informative month and for your patience and skills while teaching us. You made us feel safe and welcome. I am really glad I chose you over many others. We are looking forward to many more dives with all of you.


A massive thanks for all your patience and help which allowed me to get my PADI Open Water. I was in two minds whether to get it in Egypt or the UK and I was very lucky to decide to learn with you guys. At times it was harder than I thought it would be, but you always gave me the confidence to believe in myself and I very much appreciate all your kindness.

From that first pool session to the final dive, Lisa, you were always reassuring and calm even when I hit a sticking point you just calmly said it’s nothing and we went on and Richard’s encouraging fist bumps were always welcome. Finally I will never forget the extra pool session when I realised I could hover, it was magic… I feel more like an eagle and less like a pigeon:)


Thank you so much for an awesome weekend, and please thank Dave also for leading me on the PADI Advanced Open Water course. It feels a little strange to say but the deep dive on Sunday actually felt as good as any of the dives I had out in Thailand!


Many thanks to Lisa, Rich and Dave for introducing me to the world of scuba diving. In just one week from me watching them diving at Chesil beach and me saying I wouldn't mind having a go, I was having a DSD in the pool on Friday night and my first open water at Swanage pier on Sunday. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but Lisa and Dave's calm professional approach soon made me feel more confident. I was amazed at the quantity and diversity of marine life under the pier and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Cheers guys


I really cannot recommend Dive South highly enough. I did the open water diver course with them and started last year, I had some troubles with one of the skills and my ears and finally completed the course this year. They were so patient and supportive, I don't think I would have completed it otherwise. All the instructors really know their stuff and explain things thoroughly. Safety is paramount.

I'm so pleased I chose them to learn with, they are great guys and really fun and I'm looking forward to building on my diving skills with them in the future.


After an epic “try dive” in Egypt in 2014 my partner and I decided to complete our PADI Open Water course with Dive South. Lisa, Rich and Dave are all experienced and talented instructors, but still remember what it’s like to be new to diving, which immediately helped us to relax and gain confidence in the water.

From egg and spoon races to improve buoyancy control and practicing hovering over a blue bucket and a toy turtle, each pool session was organised and well-structured, with fun activities thrown in to help us fine tune our skills and ultimately become safer divers. As we progressed to open water, Lisa and the team provided an exceptional level of support to help us achieve our skills and were always on hand to help us get to grips with hoods, gloves and the other gear required for UK diving.

I can’t help but look back on my OW course with a smile on my face. Dive South’s passion for diving is contagious and I have the team to thank for giving me the bug for Scuba (I’m hooked!). I’m looking forward to continuing my PADI training with Lisa, Rich and Dave as well as many more fun dives too.

A huge THANK YOU for everything guys!


Learning to dive has always been high on my list of things to do before I die and when my friend and I decided to take the step into the diving world we discovered Dive South.

We promptly started our open water course and when we met the Dive South team we realised that we had made a great decision as they are a great group of people and make you feel comfortable in the water with all the new kit. They take the training slowly and don’t try to rush you through the course and wait till you are comfortable before you move on. And even once you have passed the course they encourage you to continue diving with them, which is great because it means that you will always have dive buddies for your next big adventure.


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, Lisa, Rich, Dave and the rest of the Dive South crew. Amazing couple of days diving at Lundy Island with a great crowd of passionate divers - thanks to you all for your patience. Anyone thinking of diving in the UK - do it with Dive South they are FAB!!!!


If you're looking for a dive club in Dorset, then look no further. I don't think you could ever find a nicer bunch of people than the Dive South team. The courses are really well organised, safety is paramount, and the teaching is second to none.

From my first tentative pool session doing my 'Discover Scuba Diving' to the open water dives in the sea, Lisa my instructor talked me through everything so clearly, reassured me when I needed it, and waited so patiently, never rushing me, whilst I did all of my dive skills. I cannot thank her, and the rest of the team, enough for giving me the confidence and self belief to be able to enjoy an amazing underwater world that I have completely fallen in love with. I am now looking forward to continuing to dive regularly and doing my Advanced Open Water.

If you need more convincing, then give them a call and have a chat, but don't be surprised if you end up with a scuba diving session booked...you'll soon be hooked ;-)


We approached Dive South after trawling the Internet for a local dive centre that would get us qualified over the weekends before our honeymoon in Central America.  Lisa and Rich promptly replied to my emails and every interaction we had with them made us feel that they were focussed on helping us to get qualified in time despite the fact that we would be doing our OW course in November/December in the UK!!

During our course, we both had different challenges to overcome on the various tasks and Lisa and Rich managed to support both of us in physically getting through the tasks and also emotionally, such as the first time we had to complete the mask removal underwater!

Unfortunately, we didn't manage to get everything completed as we lost the sun on our last dive and it wasn't safe to complete. It was 4 degrees early in December too, so we were starting to get cold!  However, Lisa and Rich made sure that we could complete our last dive in Mexico with a dive centre they knew well from their own travels.  When we got to Mexico, the dive centre picked us up from our hotel, got us kitted up and promptly into the water - they said it was the best referral they had ever seen as we were so well trained, they couldn't believe that we hadn't had previous diving experience!

Once qualified, we completed 16 dives within the first four weeks and it totally made our honeymoon and opened our eyes to a new world!!  Our training was so good that we were easily the most disciplined divers on most dives we went on, it's got us totally hooked and we can't wait for our next diving adventure, all our holidays will now be for diving!


Scuba diving has always been something I have wanted to do for a long long time. Finally in October 2011 was the right time to take the plunge! Back in the Spring of 2011 I briefly spoke to Richard at the pool I work at. He asked me if I wanted to have a trial dive, to which I said I'd love to but I have to start work in 10 minutes. The big turning point was when I started to plan a holiday to the East and Oceania. I thought while out that way that it would be great to discover the underwater world.

Richard and Lisa are great instructors. If you don't quite get one of the skills or questions, they go through it with you again, until you get it. It's not a matter of one try and then move on. They move at your pace. If you have a question ask it. As they say no question, is silly. Don't worry if you are single, I am single and for a lot of my dives I either buddied up with Lisa, Richard or Dave. Like most courses these days, there are written tests. But these are in the form of multiple choice and if you get a question wrong, as a group Lisa and Richard go through where you went wrong.

My only regret is I didn't start scuba diving sooner. I would not hesitate to recommend Dive South to anyone who wants to learn to Scuba Dive.


Cheers Guys, I wonder if you know just how happy I am to have come across your dive school?

Absolutely top stuff. I doubt many appreciate just how much hard work is involved behind the scenes.

Dive South rocks! Look forward to more advanced stuff :-)


We decided to learn diving in cold water (4 degrees C!), which was tough as new starters, but Lisa and Richard supported us throughout the PADI Open Water course making it really both fun to do and still keeping us focused on the course detail.

The course was really very enjoyable and we both felt safe and confident that we were being taught by competent experienced divers. We intend doing more courses and diving with Dive South in the very near future. I would recommend Lisa and Richard to anybody wishing to start learning to dive. Very many thanks to all the rest of the team that setup the dive equipment and supported us during our training.


Photos Left & Right: Copyright © Lisa Frew (Wright); Middle: Copyright © Diana Goodman;